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New Year's Resolutions 2.0

Koen Prinzen, January 5, 2020

The new year provides us with a natural moment for a fresh start. Many of us make new year's resolutions, yet, many of those resolutions don't turn into new habits. How can we do resolutions in a better way, setting us up to experience God's blessing and direction for in the new year?

Rest Will Save Your Life

Matthijs den Dekker, December 29, 2019

This last Sunday of the year Matthijs shares with us on the topic of rest. Maybe sometimes finding rest is something we struggle with, it feels like rest is constantly under attack. You may feel there is not enough time for everything you would like to do. In creeps anxiety, worry and restlessness. We need to try to find rest, because The Bible commands us to rest.

A Christmas Culture Clash

The King is Coming 3/3

Koen Prinzen, December 22, 2019

The whole Christmas story is one big culture clash. Heaven and earth collide with a loud: BANG! What did the God of heaven and earth, who arranged for three men to come from a far away land following a star, but didn't arrange proper lodging for Joseph and Mary on the night of Jesus' birth, want to communicate to us?

The King is Coming

The King is Coming 2/3

Ernst Bodamer, December 15, 2019

Ernst shares with us based on the scriptures about the announcement of the birth of Jesus Christ and Mary and Elizabeth responses to it an encouraging message on how the Word of God will never fail. And, how in the same way in our lives when we take the Word of God and read it, take it in, there will come a moment when it will make sense when the Holy Spirit comes and empowers it.